What is Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorders was first documented in 1943 but was thought to be a part of Schizophrenia. It was only separated as a diagnosis in the 1980s. Autism is thus a relatively new disability and is as such an unknown disability. Autism is a neuro-developmental disability that affects the way an individual makes sense of the world. Autism affects four main areas of development: 1. Communication, 2. Social Interaction, 3. Sensory Processing, 4. Rigid and Repetitive Behaviours. These areas of…


Requires a medical diagnosis The range and severity of symptoms can vary widely. Common symptoms include difficulty with communication, difficulty with social interactions, obsessive interests and repetitive behaviours. People may experience: Behavioural: inappropriate social interaction, poor eye contact, compulsive behaviour, impulsivity, repetitive movements, self-harm, or persistent repetition of words or actions Developmental: learning disability or speech delay in a child Cognitive: intense interest in a limited number of things or problem paying attention Psychological: unaware of others’ emotions or depression…


While there is no known cure for autism, there are treatment and education approaches that can address some of the challenges associated with the condition. Intervention can help to lessen disruptive behaviors, and education can teach self-help skills for greater independence. But just as there is no one symptom or behavior that identifies people with autism, there is no single treatment that will be effective for everyone on the spectrum. Individuals can use the positive aspects of their condition to their…

Autism Limpopo

It was a combination of passion, enthusiasm and determination that led parents of children living with Autism to establish the organization – Autism Limpopo. Initially the concept’s main aim was primarily to forge a convergence of children and adults with Autism and their families for support, appreciation and companionship; and to serve as a source of information, advocacy, and to create awareness about the condition, with the ultimate goal of lobbying with relevant governing structures for the development of Autism-specific…

years ASD is usually diagnosed
times as often in boys than in girls
times more common today than in the 1980’s

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