Our Plan

Our 2019 vision is for a society that enables people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder to get the most out of life.
Our mission is to improve life outcomes for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing and facilitating the very best information, connections, expertise, education,services, support and a strong representative voice.

Our Strategic Plan 2016-2019 delivers seven key messages for the future:

  1. The clients are at the center of everything we do
    • Autism Limpopo will ensure that we provide individualized and person-centered services and supports. We understand that people with ASD and their families need to be supported, involved and engaged to ensure that they can get the most out life. We will ensure improved ways for people to be involved in decision making and representation across our organization.
  2. Service provider of choice
    • Autism Limpopo will deliver the best possible services and outcomes. There will be a clear shift in how Government funding will be provided in the future. Families and individuals with ASD have often been frustrated by the lack of services or the type of services. So have we. This reflects traditional funding models where the type
      and range of services provided are predominantly determined by a contract with Government. Our focus for the future is to align our services with what people with ASD want and need – this is a reflection of future funding models where individuals will have choice and control over services and supports provided.
  3. A secure and certain future
    • Autism Limpopo will provide strong, dependable and innovative governance. We need a secure and certain future for our organization and for the autism spectrum community. We will ensure good governance in a changing environment that effectively positions Autism Limpopo and the autism spectrum community for the future.
  4. Developing more of what people want
    • Autism Limpopo will diversify and ensure the long-term sustainability of our service offerings. The future holds opportunity to investigate the delivery of a range of services and supports that have not been previously available or have been very limited. We see great opportunities to partner with other organizations and to design future services in collaboration with the autism spectrum community.
  5. A strong voice for, and with, the autism spectrum community
    • Autism Limpopo will be the sector authority for influencing and leading social policy. We will be active in informing the design and development of the NDIS. We will also be active in advising other systems – education, mental health, housing – about the specific and unique needs of people with ASD. We will continue to have an active role in research, community education and professional development.
  6. Great staff and great systems
    • Autism Limpopo will create a workplace where our people will perform at their best. We are concerned that there will not be enough skilled and qualified staff in the future to deliver the services and supports required. We will be progressing a comprehensive strategy that ensures that we are able to recruit, develop and retain the best possible staff to deliver the best possible services.
  7. Campaigning, communicating, connecting
    • Autism Limpopo will engage and communicate effectively with our stakeholders. We need to be more active in the future about ensuring that the autism spectrum community and its supporters are well aware of developments and opportunities


Our Strategic Plan 2016-2019 identifies a number of priorities under each of the seven key areas. These will be reviewed annually by the Board to inform business planning for the organization that is responsive to the changing environment and the needs of the autism spectrum community.

We have also adopted a number of principles to guide and drive our future directions:

  1. Respect – ensure dignity and valuing of individual talents, strengths and diversity.
  2. Embracing Opportunity – actively seek new and creative opportunities to benefit the autism spectrum community.
  3. World Class – strive to deliver services and supports that are recognized as best practice.
  4. Expertise – constantly develop and improve our specialized knowledge and understanding.
  5. Professionalism – provide ethical, skilled and high performing staff and services.
  6. Quality – achieve excellence in everything we do through continuous quality improvement.
  7. Collaboration – deliver great outcomes together with the autism spectrum community, service providers, supporters and staff.
  8. Innovation – design and implement new ways of operating and delivering services and supports.

The guiding principles are supported by the values adopted by Autism SA to enhance the culture that we want to develop in our staff and our teams.


The Strategic Plan 2016-2019 identifies a number of broad indicators of success. The Board
will also be responsible for setting targets on an annual basis.