Autism Limpopo is a recognized, authoritative and representative entity for people living the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) which provides Autism-specific services such as awareness services on Autism and parental support programmes within the community of Limpopo. Future services will include, amongst others; the formation of a database to profile children living with Autism in Limpopo through liaising with hospitals and clinics within the Province to identify newly diagnosed children for early intervention and treatment, capacity building of special education teachers, medical professionals and care givers about Autism, referral services for new parents seeking professional diagnosis, etc.

Types of Services that our Organization provides AND the People who will Benefit from the Services:

  1. Support group services for parents and care givers
    • to help find solutions to problems and challenges to uncover innovative ideas and ways to sustain on-going community discussion between the many groups and partnerships in communities.
  2. Awareness campaign
    • to teach the general public about Autism primarily to dispel the misconceptions and myths around Autism, because Autism is seen as one of the disabilities with minimal or no understanding, lack of support from government, lack of a common & collective voice and high percentage of unidentified families.
  3. Therapeutic care services for autistic children
    • to stimulate their senses as people with Autism have some form of sensory disturbances which can either heighten or lower their sensory perception. And this may affect one or more senses.
  4. Protective care centre
    • to serve as a safe place for low-functioning, hyper-active autistic children as they may require constant supervised care.